Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I need some R&R!!

Man, I so need some R&R. I've got another big cake weekend coming up.

I'm about to hit the grocery store to do the shopping and picking up other materials. I'm really excited about the two big cakes of the week - they've got an awesome classic design to them!

Then I have my nephew's b-day and Father's Day - gifts and cakes to worry about! It's all good though.

But DUDE, some awesome news - Jose Fiestas Rental's shop is coming along nicely!!!! It's so great. They'll be located on 9th street in KCMO and it'll pretty much be your one-stop party shop. You'll be able to pick up your tables, chairs, moonwalks, tablecloths, food chafer and other rentals there as well as other party supplies. We're talking ballons, plastic tablecloths, candles - everything! And the awesome thing - I'll in their in-house baker! Yup! You'll get to pick up your custom cakes and cupcakes and even pick up some last minute pastries. Definitely a VERY exciting thing. I haven't gotten around to take photos of the place (combo of no time and camera still messing up), but as soon as I get some, I'll post them.

So yes, it's an exciting time - I'm loving it!

As always, hit me up for those cake orders - peace out!

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