Monday, August 31, 2009

Icings with a Purpose

As I uploaded some recent photos to I noticed something. The more I use fondant, the more I love it. It’s an absolute great medium to be able to use. It allows for a more smooth finish and in some cases a more realistic depiction of a particular item. However, this doesn’t mean I love using it more than I do whipped frosting. As a matter of fact, frosting a cake in whipped icing is one of my favorite things. I can give a 14” round a smooth coat in about 7 minutes – start to finish. But each icing serves its purpose – a different purpose.



Look at the cakes below. Rachel’s “Ashtray cake” would have never come out so realistic if it had been done in the whipped icing. Likewise, if they had been done in fondant, Gaby’s “Baptism Wings” wouldn’t look like they are indeed about to fly away.




In the case of the pink ashtray, it called for a very specific smooth look. The black and white sanding sugar used to form the ‘ashes’ could have soaked into the whipped icing, and once removed the fondant cigarettes would have also left their mark. Neither one of these things happened with the fondant-covered cake.



The whipped icing gives the wings an airy and soft look. They truly look like wings. Had the wings been done in fondant, it wouldn’t have been able to give that same airy and soft look. Also it would have been very heavy. The weight of layers and layers of fondant would have definitely added additional weight to the cake.



Now, even though each icing serves it’s own purpose and produce very different results, it doesn’t mean that they can’t be combined. Val’s and Mike’s “Ball & Chain” is the perfect example of combining the best of both worlds. The ball is covered in fondant and the chain is made of a gumpaste/fondant mixture. Placed atop whipped-covered cakes with flames, the ball and chain look great. The whipped flames give the cake a certain texture and feel. The cake as a whole highlights the best of each icing’s purpose.



The use of fondant, whipped or buttercream, icing can make a difference in the design of a cake. A knowledge and capable baker should be able to tell you what will work best for the cake you have in mind.



As always, much love. Hit me up for your cake and cupcake orders. Peace out!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Talk about busy!

It's been a while but boy has it been busy!

First have you checked out the new flickr account? Check out I'll slowly be moving the entire photo gallery there. It's been a slowly but steady process. It's MUCH easier to access and much more user-friendly than the Myspace gallery. I won't change anything from the Myspace account, so consider the flickr page a supplement.

Secondly, don't forget to follow me on Twitter. Go to When you login you be sure to send me an invite to so I can follow you as well.

Thirdly, Jose Fiestas Rental is almost opening. Anyone that has opened a storefront knows that opening is much easier said than done. Trust me though, it is going to be AMAZING! Imagine one place to get all your party party rental equipment, party supplies, cakes and so much more. It's going to be unbelievable! Trust me on this one.

And finally, mark your calendars. Kansas City Quinceañera is working to put together a quinceañera expo. This is the perfect opportunity to meet a great group of vendors all working to give you a great event! Not planning a quinceañera? No worries. If you are planning any sort of event, you need to come to this. DJs, reception halls, musicians, photographers - you name it - and there will be a vendor there. It's tentatively scheduled for September 26, 2009. Once I have all the details, I will pass them along. In the meantime, check out Kansas City Quinceañera at This is a GREAT resource for anyone have a party.

Sorry for the lack of pictures this time around. I do have one special treat - an oldie but a goodie. Theya's Surprise cupcakes. I LOVE these cupcakes!!! Remember, you can only get these from Kreaciones Kity. :)

As always, much love. Hit me up for your cupcake and cake orders. Peace out!

P.S. On Sept. 22, I'll be taking a class with Bronwen Weber! Yes, Bronwen Weber - Food Network Challenge competitor and winner. I am super excited about it! I'll be creating a 3D Cowboy Cake. AWESOME!!!! I'll definitely be posting after it happens.

Now really - much love and peace out!