Friday, March 12, 2010

I didn't want to cheat....

The heart knows no boundaries. This is what I have been told. I'm sorry, XV cupcake tower, I didn't mean to cheat! I still love you! Truth be told - I am in love with two cakes!!!

I had the opportunity to have COMPLETE creative control over this cake! As exciting as it sounds, it was hard! I was very conflicted as to whether to follow my instincts and go for a Star Wars inspired cake, or go for the pretty feature. As you can tell, pretty won out. I finally decide on this style cake for the simple fact that I have always loved this style, but haven't had the opportunity to do one for a client yet.

In this case, the cake served a dual purpose. It was part of a photoshot for the Bishop Sullivan Center's newsletter, and ultimately a birthday cake for their front receptionist. Bishop Sullivan Center is sponsoring the business classes I am taking, and wanted to feature me as a student of the class in their newsletter. It was quite exciting, to be honest.

So, dear XV Cupcake Tower, please don't be jeaous. I still love you. I know all three of us can work it out. We'll figure something out. :)