Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Modern or traditional? Vanilla or red velvet? Don't lie, that's what's really keeping you up at night.

There's this ongoing joke on one of my favorites cake forums that says, "You know you're a cake decorator if....". People have answered everything from "photographing wallpaper at a friend's house because you think it'll make a great design on a cake" to "sat in church thinking, hmm, I wonder how I can replica the stained-glass windows". Yes, we cake decorators are in interesting breed. We breath and sleep cake. (I'd say eat too, but I really can't eat a customer's cake - that would just be wrong.) And while our families may tease us, our customers praise us. I mean it's not everyday our customers order their daughter's quinceañera cake or even their own wedding cake, and when it comes to narrowing down the details that's when our cake love comes into play.

Every cake decorator has a different consultation process. And every bride magazine will give brides a different list of questions she 'must' ask a baker. (I don't totally agree with them, but that's another post for another day.) Honestly, these lists are hit and miss. (Again, another topic another day.) Let me take you through my consulting process. First I'll nail down the logistics with you (servings needed, reception location, dates, times, etc..). Next we'll talk about what ideas you may already have. This is our starting point. Using the ideas you already have in mind, I'll design something around that.

If you don't have an idea, I'll ask about the colors you plan on using and details on any flowers or centerpieces. This will help me determine what kind of atmosphere the event will have. Then we'll look at the basic structure of the cake. Do you like it stacked? Do you want a fountain? Traditional or modern? Once we determine what you like best, the custom design starts.

Now comes the fun part! While I finalize the design details and cake sizes needed, you'll taste the delicious samples. This is probably the part grooms and dads like best. Who can blame them? At this point, you'll select up to 3 cake flavors for your cake.

To finish off the appointment, we review the details so I can mail you your contract within the next few weeks.

The process may seem overwhelming, but in reality it's not. I take you step-by-step to design a cake that screams YOU. I love designing, baking and making cakes that will be the edible centerpiece of your event, so that all you have to worry about is dancing the night away.

Friday, March 12, 2010

I didn't want to cheat....

The heart knows no boundaries. This is what I have been told. I'm sorry, XV cupcake tower, I didn't mean to cheat! I still love you! Truth be told - I am in love with two cakes!!!

I had the opportunity to have COMPLETE creative control over this cake! As exciting as it sounds, it was hard! I was very conflicted as to whether to follow my instincts and go for a Star Wars inspired cake, or go for the pretty feature. As you can tell, pretty won out. I finally decide on this style cake for the simple fact that I have always loved this style, but haven't had the opportunity to do one for a client yet.

In this case, the cake served a dual purpose. It was part of a photoshot for the Bishop Sullivan Center's newsletter, and ultimately a birthday cake for their front receptionist. Bishop Sullivan Center is sponsoring the business classes I am taking, and wanted to feature me as a student of the class in their newsletter. It was quite exciting, to be honest.

So, dear XV Cupcake Tower, please don't be jeaous. I still love you. I know all three of us can work it out. We'll figure something out. :)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I think I'm in love....

XV Cupcake Tower
Originally uploaded by Kreaciones Kity
Yes, I'll admit it here and now. I am in love. The giddiness, the overwhelming excitement, the urge to shout through the rooftops "I'm in love!" - it's all there. The objection of my affection, you ask? This awesome cupcake tower!!!

The Contreras family decided to look outside the box for their recent quinceañera and opted for a cupcake tower. Yes, they have been around for a few years now, but only until now are they making a debut at quinceañeras. And what better place to make their presence known, than at a coming-of-age celebration?

I truly cannot explain how much fun I had doing this cake. What made it even better was the reaction I got. The Contreras family loved it! They even moved it from it's original corner location to a more prominent place near the entrance. The guests all loved it. That is truly the best part of it all. Being able to bring that joy into someone's life with something as simple as a cake.

Day two of business class was last night, and am I in for an exciting ride. Our coach let us know right off the bat this is not a cruiser course. She is going to make us work hard. It's a bit intimidating, but it's what I want and need. I want to create edible works of art. I want my customers to know that they will be getting more than just a cake - they will be getting a centerpiece all their guests will take about. In order to have all of that though, I need this course and training. I have 11 weeks of class ahead of me, and I am not going to lie - I'm nervous. I don't know what to fully expect or what outcome will come of it. The only thing I do know it that I am going to love this journey as I am more passionate than ever about what I am doing now.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Business isn't always all roses and chocolate

As a tribute to my single status, I had planned on an Anti-Valentine's Day girls night out with a friend. Ha! I should know the cake business had plans of its own. After a 200-cupcake tree, doll cake, tennis shoes cake, heart cake and a two-tiered birthday cake, I was beat! I had to cancel. Luckily, my friend understood and took a raincheck.

On one of my favorite cake forums, established business owners will always warn us newbies that starting a business is like starting a new life. There is so much to learn and do in order to have a successful business. Most of the hardest work is done before one even opens the door. I'm talking of competitive research, researching marketing strategies, researching your target audience, establishing your business' identity, etc... The list literally can go on for days. As hard and overwhelming as it is, these 'to-dos' are necessities.

So where am I in the process? I am in the middle of it all. I've already put my foot through the door. Whether I was invited or not, I love the party and I'm won't be going anywhere for a while. Is it tiresome? Do I sometimes wish I can rid myself of the party clothes and just veg-out on the couch? Absolutely. But as any girl will tell you, we will suffer for the sake of fashion. I will suffer for the sake of having a successful business. My family knows this. My friends know this. And now you know it.

As of next week, I will start a business course specifically designed for small/marco business owners. This is a huge step in further developing and expanding my business ideas. (Yes, I said ideas.) It's nerve-wrecking, but worth it. I'm living a life I love and I am determined to make the best of it.