Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I think I'm in love....

XV Cupcake Tower
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Yes, I'll admit it here and now. I am in love. The giddiness, the overwhelming excitement, the urge to shout through the rooftops "I'm in love!" - it's all there. The objection of my affection, you ask? This awesome cupcake tower!!!

The Contreras family decided to look outside the box for their recent quinceaƱera and opted for a cupcake tower. Yes, they have been around for a few years now, but only until now are they making a debut at quinceaƱeras. And what better place to make their presence known, than at a coming-of-age celebration?

I truly cannot explain how much fun I had doing this cake. What made it even better was the reaction I got. The Contreras family loved it! They even moved it from it's original corner location to a more prominent place near the entrance. The guests all loved it. That is truly the best part of it all. Being able to bring that joy into someone's life with something as simple as a cake.

Day two of business class was last night, and am I in for an exciting ride. Our coach let us know right off the bat this is not a cruiser course. She is going to make us work hard. It's a bit intimidating, but it's what I want and need. I want to create edible works of art. I want my customers to know that they will be getting more than just a cake - they will be getting a centerpiece all their guests will take about. In order to have all of that though, I need this course and training. I have 11 weeks of class ahead of me, and I am not going to lie - I'm nervous. I don't know what to fully expect or what outcome will come of it. The only thing I do know it that I am going to love this journey as I am more passionate than ever about what I am doing now.

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